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One of the main challenges of the food industry is to produce safe and quality food in order to strengthen consumer confidence and improve their competitiveness. Despite significant investments in food security made by governments and the food industry, microbiological hazards remain a growing public concern.

The latest data published by EFSA 2015 for the analysis of trends and outbreaks in 2013 show a total of 5,196 foodborne outbreaks in the EU 43,183 clinical human cases, 5,946 hospitalizations and 11 deaths.

For these reasons there are strict rules that apply in each European country in order to ensure a high level of safety, hygiene and quality of food.

EU legislation establishes the hygiene requirements of producers and food handlers and lays down rules for official controls on food, reducing microbiological hazards in products released to the market. It is therefore important that companies adopt effective working practices to reduce these risks.


We participate in R & D with industry-leading companies to improve the quality of their products. AMP Laboratorios has experience in projects of national and international research that can help you in your product innovation and process.

We find the best option for your business by seeking public funding at regional, national or European level.

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Shelf life and Challenge Test Studies

If you want to know the shelf life of your product, the effects of modifications or changes in conservation, or behavior to possible microbial contamination, AMP Laboratorios is the perfect partner for your company.

We have the facilities to carry out thorough shelf life and challenge test studies of different food matrices. We include a microbiological analysis at time intervals that meets the requirements found in Regulation 1441/2007 on microbiological criteria for foodstuffs and a sensory analysis at intervals as to determine the sensory characteristics and define the evolution of the product during its shelf life.

With these services, your customers can guarantee the safety of the product throughout its shelf life and be sure any changes to your product do not fundamentally change it shelf life expectancy.

Clean label

Today, to ensure the safety of food, producers incorporate some agents and substances that can cause changes in the sensory characteristics and have to be included on product labelling (E numbers). AMP laboratorios helps you study your product and investigate possible alternatives to artificial additives to achieve a safe product without the appearance of E numbers on the label which, although legal can influence the purchase decisions of continually more educated modern consumers.

Variety of products

AMP Laboratories helps you to develop new products adapted to new national and international palates, opening new and emerging markets for your company. Aimed at SMEs producing ready-to-eat like cured ham, cheese, fermented sausages, and other processed meats.

Optimization of process and product

Food producers need to have intimate knowledge of their products. In the case of fermented meats, cheeses and table olives, natural microbial flora products are not only responsible for the sensory quality of the product but also make the product safe to eat. AMP Laboratorios will develop methodologies that optimise your endogenous flora antimicrobial activity against pathogens of interest by your company. We achieve this by experimenting with technological changes, commercially available seeding cultures as well as different testing the antimicrobial performance of your endogenous flora before selecting the most effective combination and introducing the changes into your production process in a cost effective manner.

The products and processes obtained from the optimisation may be patented by companies that wish to protect their innovative yet traditional processes and methodologies.